Day of Repentance and Reconciliation

Day of Repentance and Reconciliation
All Saints’ Day, November 1, 2014

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The Episcopal Churches of Maryland commemorated the 150th anniversary of the official abolishment of chattel slavery in Maryland on All Saints’ Day, Nov. 1 with the Trail of Souls: Truth and Reconciliation Pilgrimage.  This day-long journey visited five Maryland sites with strong ties the both slavery and the Episcopal Church. But this was just the beginning.

An online pilgrimage of 26 churches and diocesan sites is a virtual tour and living legacy that is destined to grow in scope and participation. The Trail of Souls offers a chance to visit the Episcopal Churches of Maryland and witness them in a new light – looking at the legacy of slavery and the impact it still bears witness to today. As more churches discover and write their history they will be added to the web portal.

Trail of Souls II, Pilgrimage to Four Baltimore Churches November 4, 2017

Making a pilgrimage to holy places is an ancient discipline filled with the past, present, and future. On this 153rd commemoration of Maryland’s constitutional end of chattel slavery, more than 80 pilgrims followed the trail of souls who lived and worked, worshipped and prayed, slave and free, in Baltimore City.

The day included a community pilgrimage through four historic Baltimore churches who are facing their histories of involvement with slavery. St. Paul’s Parish (Old St. Paul’s), Emmanuel Church, St. Luke’s Church and Memorial Church confronted their pasts and shared their stories.

Download the Trail of Souls II pilgrimage booklet [PDF]

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The Trail of Souls commemoration continues so that pilgrims can learn more about the lives of the people who worshiped at these historic churches, to honor those who were oppressed and those who struggled for change. Click here for the Trail Guide.